Friday, July 26, 2013

Flowers, love, hugs...

I am feeling so happy, so happy. I love my life and all my things which God gives to me. I am blessed every day of my life. He loves me very much and can feel it day by day. Sometimes, I think that He is giving me more than I deserve - His love to me is amazing! 
Yesterday was my last day at work and my adorable kids, Alexander and Sophia surprised me with flowers, love, hugs, kisses, cake and much fun. We had a brilliant day all together. I love them and love the way how they love me. 

This is Alex, he loves me and all the time said to me: "Liuba, you know what? I love you" :)
Here we were going in Battersea Park all together and I took some nice picture to them
This is little Sophia, she will be two in September and we love each other too much :)
Me, Sophia and Alex. This picture took Sasha, cause in that day we were all together out
Lovely flowers and thanks a bunch card from lovely kids
I just love Alex's hand writing and Sophia's as well :)
They made me happy :)

Have a brilliant day all my blog friends!!!

Much love,


  1. Of, ce viață minunată duci alături de ei! Și Alex cu Sophia sunt frumușei foc, la fel ca tine, dragă Liuba!
    Mie-mi plac aventurile tale!:) Sunt foarte frumoase!
    Te pup! Un week-end frumos să ai!

    1. multumesc Maria, multumesc!!! Da imi sunt dragi!

      Sa ai si tu un weekend frumos alaturi de familia ta frumoasa!!!

      Te pupic cu drag

  2. Ce minuni de copii ai gasit tu acolo!

  3. These Kids are cute and just like Angels .
    And yes God/Allah loves us very much,. he let us breath ,let us live,let us eat food,and sometimes dnt give us death when we are sinning,he wait for us give us time so we can turn back to him,though he donot need us we need him bt his Love our Life. May God Bless u and guide us all. Ameen

    1. thank you. I love them and they are very cute!