Monday, July 29, 2013

Brilliant bag for my grandma

On Thursday, 1st August I have my flight to Moscow. I am so happy and excited of my this visit to Russia. 
My grandma, brother and 2 sisters live in Russia, but all of them are in different places and I am going to visit all of them and my Mum is there too for summer time. 
I made for my grandma this lovely bag with initial "L" she will be able to carry her staff in such a cool bag. I chose letter "L" because "L" is for Liuba, Larisa (my mum/her daughter), London, Love...

PS: The project of this bag and yo-yos took from Ruby Magazine

My dear Friend, I wish to all of you happiness and a wonderful summertime!
Much Love,


  1. Ce frumos din partea ta! Floricelele sunt și ele de mână? Sunt tare simpatice! Cred că s-a bucurat tare mult când a primit-o!
    O săptămână plăcută, dragă Liuba! Numai bine!

    1. draga Maria, multumesc mult de cuvinte dulci. Da floricelele le-am facut singura dupa instructie, este atit de usor de facut, cind o sa am timp o sa dau explicatie cum am facut...

      te pup cu drag xxx

  2. Love the bag and the love you put in its decoration!

    1. thank you Amy, yes she was so happy hehehe