Friday, February 3, 2017

Nikita is growing ...

Hello my loves!  I haven't posted to my blog since November 2016 and I feel like I have been gone forever. I am so glad that I found few minutes to write this post. Also, I want to thank to those who keep writing me and asking if we are okay. We are absolutely fine, the problem is that I have no time like I had before, but I am very active on Instagram and I am sharing there lots of our everyday photos. I love Instagram so much. It's the fastest way to share your favourite photos with your friends. It's like a mini blog and I found lots of fantastic mamas there and I love reading their stories direct from my phone. 

So, here I will share some photos and let me know if my baby changed since my last post. Now he is 8 months old, but in 4 days he will be 9 months old. Ohhhh I just can't believe my baby is almost 9 months old. 

12 November 2016.
We visited Sasha's grandparents and we picked up the last apples from that tree. 
12 November 2016.
Nikita is chatting with bunelu Mitea :)
14 November 2016.
Happy Nikita after big bath.
22 November 2016.
We went for a stroll. We had so much fun on that day. 

8 December 2016.
Nikita is 7 months old.
10 December 2016.
We are waiting our flight to Russia. We spent winter holidays in Russia. We had a fantastic time there.
10 December 2016. Domodedovo airport (Moscow).
In this darling photo my little artist is colouring for the first time at DMD nursery.
22 December 2016.
Mama is strolling around
24. December 2016.
4 January 2017.
Enjoying the snowy Russian winter. 
8 January 2017.
On this day my bunny turned 8 months old. 
12 January 2017.
We are in Moldova and enjoying snowy white winter too.
13 January 2017.
Winter in Moldova. Nikita is surrounded by his cousins. 
20 January 2017.
He loves books so much. 
21 January 2017.
I am naturally obsessed with bright colours and I am so glad that my little boy looks good in bright colours. This lovely knitted cardigan is the first thing I bought for Nikita. 
21 January 2017.
My smiley baby is showing his bottom teeth. He is 8 months old and he has 4 teeth. 2 on top and 2 on the bottom.
Nikita after bath. 
31 January 2017.
I did some exploring around the city.
Winter in Chisinau.

I am so glad I had enough patience to sort out all the photos and share here, with you all. In my next post I will write more about Nikita and how he is developing. Now I am going to put my baby to sleep. Wishing you all a brilliant weekend. 

With love, 
Liuba x


  1. Awwwww beyond words!!! So much love in this photos!!!:***
    So....your insta id is....?;)

    1. Thank youuu, doll! My IG id is- liubacikag. I will be glad to have you there. Liuba xxx

    2. Thank youuuu! I just started so....:)
      I've sunt you a request :)

  2. Hello Liuba! I am so happy that you are doing well, and your photos are beautiful!!! I have been working on a search for my family and have found several cousins, who are now my friends on Facebook! How exciting! I don't use Instagram, though, so I am really glad to see your post. Sending you much love and many warm hugs. :)

    1. Wowww Linda, I am so glad you found your cousins. I do use facebook too. So you can add me there.

      Thank you sooo much for your kindness. Sending you care, love, kisses and loads of warm hugs. Liuba x

  3. Liuba, ma bucur ca ai revenit pe aici:D Chiar m-am mai gandit la tine insa imi inchipuiam ca esti ocupata cu bebe, care apropo, e un scumpel. Sa creasca mare, sanatos, frumos este deja! :*

    Imi plac toate pozele, sunt foarte dragute. Ca de obicei ai numai poze frumoase.

    Ma bucur sa citesc ca ai avut sarbatori frumoase si ca este inconjurata de fericire. Weekend frumos!

    1. Lavinia, esti atat de scumpa! Iti multumesc pentru toate cuvintele frumoase. Ma bucur mult ca ai ajuns la mine pe IG. Pupici si un weekend frumos! Liuba x

  4. P.S. Sper ca nu te superi dar am citit comentariile de mai sus, si am sa iti dau si eu fallow pe instagram :D

  5. Ce dulce este bebe! Îl văd şi pe facebook pe bebe. Este un scump, Liuba, nici nu mă mir că nu mai ai timp de blog: cu o aşa păpușă, cine se mai gândește la blog?:)
    Îmi place poza de la bunelu din grădină :) Cred că lui Nikituş îi place mult in natură.
    Vă pup şi vă doresc numai fericire! Doamne, ajută!

    1. Ahhh am uitat sa mentionez de facebook :)) si acolo activez, fav share direct de pe IG.

      Multumesc mult pentru cuvinte dragi. Esti o dulce! Lui Nikita ii place peste tot :))) dar plimbat cel mai mult :) Pupici de la noi xxx

  6. Bună scumpo!
    Wow,ce mare am crescut..deja mergem,avem și dințișori,să-ți trăiască minunea de copil!
    Să aveți un weekend plăcut și plin de bucurii!
    Vă pup și vă îmbrîțișez cu drag!

    1. Daaaa, creste ca in povesti :))) Are 4 dintisori, am uitat sa mentionez asta crec :) Multumim mult de urari! Pupici de la noi si multa sanatate! Liuba xxx

  7. Ce dulceață de copil! Are cu cine semăna. :)