Thursday, June 12, 2014

London to Southend on Sea

Hello my friends!!!

I really wanted to say hello to you all and share a few photographs from our last longest bike ride. On last Sunday me and my lovely Sashka were cycling from Upminster to Southend on Sea. We had so much fun and it was a very beautiful/incredible cycle route. 

About ride: This was the first longest ride for us and I am proud of myself that have done it. For Sashka was more easier, I couldn't have done it without him. With breaks and lunch it only took 4 hours to make the route. We took train back to London :)

Distance ride: 45.5km

How to get there: We took underground train from Tower Hill to  Upminster (last station of district line/green line). From Upminster we avoided the  high road and took a roundabout way through the farms and woods.

Things to see: Beautiful farmlands, hills/mountains, valleys, farms, sea, beach, park

Photographer: Alex (Sasha)

Spending hours on my bike makes me happy!!!
Do you like riding a bike?

Keep yourself happy!!!
Much love
Liuba G


  1. Enjoyed the photos! The pier looks very neat! I would love to visit an ocean again some day.

    I like to ride my bike too, but haven't gone for any extensive rides yet this year.

    1. Dear Bethany, I am very glad you enjoyed the photographs :)
      I hope my post encouraged you to go for an extensive ride :) x

  2. Sooooooooooo beautiful trip you had!! It s really amazing!
    Mi se pare atat de frumos ca ajungeti la mare atat de repede! Si cred ca plimbarea a fost minunata, avand in vedere satele si peisajele englezesti...
    Aici mi-ar fi frica sa merg atat cu bicicleta..frica de masini, de oameni..Dar acolo pare atat de frumos!!
    Mi-au inseninat ziua pozele tale!

    1. My sweet, lovely Ira :) multumesc pentru mesajul tau scump. Tu mi-ai inseninat ziua cu mesajul tau venit din inima. Te astept cu drag la Londra si o sa mergem intr-un trip la fel de interesant :)

      Sa stii ca si mie mi-ar fi frica sa merg atat cu bicicleta acasa.

      Pupicei scumpi fetitza frumoasa xxx

  3. Off, Liuba, cat e de frumos acolo...pot doar sa visez ca voi ajunge si eu intr-o zi sa vad astfel de locuri cu ochii mei.

    Bucura-te de toata frumusetea din jur! >:D<

    Iti doresc un weekend placut!

    1. Lavinia scumpo,

      Multumesc pentru comentariu si cum ti-am mai spus, o sa reusesti sa le vezi si pe acestea.

      Iti doresc un weekend frumos si tie si grija mare sa ai copil drag xxx

  4. What a great day out you look like you had so much fun a day by the seaside and fresh air cannot be beat Lucy x

    1. Thank you Lucy :)
      Yesss we had great fun, cant wait for next long ride :) x

  5. Londra e foarte ofertanta ca distractie si timp liber, arata grozav si acest loc! Te pup

  6. Lovely photos in the post. :) Looks like you had a really good time!
    Hope you can check out my blog. :) I joined your site. Your posts are good to read.


    1. Hello Sammie,

      I am very glad you liked my blog. I will start follow you as well :)