Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I discovered this #100HappyDays challenge #43days ago when my blog friend Ira started the experiment of being happy for 100 days. At that moment I really liked the idea, but wasn't motivated enough to start it. 
Today I am ready to embark on the #100HappyDays photo challenge and from tomorrow will share my photographs. 

Why do I want to take part in a #100HappyDays project???
I believe #100HappyDays is fun project. I love people and I am good at being around people and this project could bring a smile to a face who is far away from where I live at the moment. It is so unique to have a photograph for amount of consecutive days. 

Can you be happy for 100 days in a row? 
The answer is simple yes or not :) When I saw first pictures of my friend Ira on her Instagram I liked the idea, but wasn't very interested in it, now I want this and I am sure I would be able to be happy and share my happy moments with people. My answer is "YES".

Are you ready to sign up? 
If yes, you are free to join their official website here for some more details. There you can fill out the registration form and get started :) 
Also you can follow my #100HappyDays on Instagram @liubacikag
I am already so happy  to start this challenge and share my happy photographs with you all. 

Keep yourself happy!!!
Much love
Liuba G


  1. Ce tareeeeeeeeeee!!!
    Ma bucur ca ai acceptat ”provocarea”, chiar daca stiu ca tu te bucuri de orice moment! Abia astept sa-ti vad pozele!
    Multumesc pentru mentiunea pe blog, makes me feel special :D:D

    Te pup!

    1. Scumpa mea Ira, tu nu trebuie doar sa te simti speciala, tu esti o super speciala :)
      M-am bucurat si eu enorm cand am vazut ca mi-ai mentionat numele pe Instagram hehehe...

      Te pup xxx

  2. That sounds like such a fun idea! I would love to be a part of this! =D

    1. My lovely Ashley,

      I am glad you liked the idea! Join us and we could have fun all together :) xxx

  3. This is such a good idea, too many people focus on the negative being thankful and focusing on it can certainly make you happier. Lucy x

    1. Dear Lucy, thank you for your positive comment. You all the time coming with lovely ideas and thoughts :) xxx

  4. Funny! This will keep you smiling... I enjoy this idea. You see, Liuba, now I'm sick and I need something to make me happy...
    Kisses, LIuba!

    1. My lovely, little Maria :)

      I am so sorry to hear you are ill :( Get well soon and kepp yourself happy!

      kisses back to you xxx

  5. Eu nu am instagram, nu stiu daca as reusi sa pozez timp de 100 de zile cate ceva dar e foarte dragut proiectul. xoxo

    1. mmm ce frumos era sa fie daca erai si tu cu noi :) E fun si sunt sigura ca poti. xoxo