Sunday, February 2, 2014

Christmas Holiday Back Home

During the Christmas time, we were back home (Moldova) for 2 weeks and didn't share here any pictures from there. We had an amazing break close to our families :)
Before going in Moldova I was sure that will play with snow close to my nieces and nephews, but unfortunately we didn't catch that beautiful moment of winter. 

De Craciun si Anul Nou am fost acasa (Moldova) pentru 2 saptamini. Am avut o vacanta foarte frumoasa si relaxanta alaturi de familiile noastre. Toata perioada cat am fost acasa tot speram sa ma bucur de zapada sclipitoare, dar totusi a fost incredibil de frumos sa imi pot saruta, imbratisa, iubi, alinta nepoteii, parintii, sora, fratele ...
Waiting for our flight :)

Magic moment - Unwrapping presents
I can't even express how much I love them

With my Brother - Nicu
Having fun with my sister :)
My sister and her new baby boy
Family's best friend
I really like how this fire was dancing that night

Best mum ever

With my new baby nephew
Moldavian food - mamaliga :)
Cute faces :) 

Explozion of crazy cute :)


  1. Replies
    1. miss all these moments! :)
      thank you darling xxx

  2. Ce drăguți sunteți!:)) Sunteți toți frumoși! Toți, toți!

    1. ce amuzant ai spus toti, toti... stiu, suntem multi si inca nu-s toti :)

      pupici xxx

  3. Precious pictures, Liuba! You look like you have a wonderful family! I loved this post (I know it's from a while back, but I still love it ;) ) Can't wait for a new post! =D <3

    Ashley B.

    1. Dear Ashley,
      Many thanks for your lovely thoughts. I love these photographs too xxx