Friday, November 1, 2013

Cutest baby ever :)

This cutest baby is my nephew. I do miss him a lot, but they are so far from me. My sister is very blessed with him and with his younger brother :) I think babies are the cutest gift of Our God. I Love Children a lot. Just look at their faces and you will also start smiling. To be happy or to smile is just a normal thing. Nothing is special in being happy - animals are happy, birds are happy, people are happy, kids are happy and you are happy too :)
Look at him!!! lovely angel! (Avenir)

Too soft and sweet :)

Me with cutest one :)

Dear friend, if you are sad, annoyed or upset just keep your soul close to things you really love. I know that there are many pains, many miseries, many moments of suffering, but think that all these pains come and go. Don't get lost into moments of suffering!!!

Much Love,
Liuba and her little cute nephew baby :)


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    1. Thank you for nice comment :)

    2. Now we are talking sister,DO u know ? we Muslims too believe in Bible,and we Muslims respect Prophet Jeses (Pbuh) and his mother Marry (Pbuh) ,The request i have to make is that just read Quran along with ur bible,just give read it,U r a Good Human,U know Quran topic is "Mankind" and Quran respects Marry and Jesus (Pbuh) so much that QUran has a WHole chapter on Marry (Marriyam in arabic) and you know the word marry in whole Quran is used or written 18 times, as in figure of maths spech its more than all the total versions of bible, but Quran has just only one not here talking Quran vs Bible.and im not offending any one.i see goodness in you.if u want a link of Quran i can give u,just read it like u read bible.or atleast read Chapter Marriyam (Marry mother of Jesus) from Quran.
      thanx .im sorry if i say anything bad .
      May God guide all Mankind

    3. and u said "Quran is very easy,very easy to read" i didnt say these are ur words, do u know why ? why it is like that ? Cox its Allah used the same Words in Quran as a Promise.
      "So we had made it (The Quran ) easy in ur Tongue,SO that they may take lesson ." (44:58)
      and in other verse it says "And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?"
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  2. Get married soon! lol

  3. Thats great, Subhan Allah( All praises to Allah ) that u once tried to Read Quran,Sis if u have tried reading Quran,then just give it a try to "chapter Mariyam(Mother of Jesus)" and as you are christian ur sisters in chruch dress like her, and our almost all muslim womens wear Hijab n cover their selves like Marry(Pbuh) used to do.And also read Chapter Nisa (Nisa meaning women) a whole chapter based on women rights in Quran. May Allah/God Bless u with Faith,guidance and Success in this world and here after . :) i saw ur comment on the post and thats why i commented on ur blog,bt i didnt use blogger since long so i forgot how to follow blogs.