Saturday, July 20, 2013

Every child deserves a family

Today I was listening a Russian song about how moms should pray for their children. I felt so sad because of that song and have put this question to myself "how often am I praying for my mother"? I miss her very much and want to spend more time with her, she is very far from me, but soon I will hug her and thank her for everything what she did for me, for us. Also I was thinking about children without family. If they haven't parents who loves them? 
Every child needs love, hug, touch, happiness...
I am sure that God protects them and gives them all His Love!

P.S. Love your children the right way!
with love,


  1. Am tradus în mare și e foarte bine cum gândești... Scuze: corect!:) Mie-mi pare rău de copii aceștia... Îi mulțumesc lui Dumnezeu că nu sunt așa!
    Te pup, Liuba! Un weekend plăcut să ai!
    Cu drag,

    1. scumpa mea, multumesc mult. Te pup si eu cu drag.
      imi sunt dragi copii si tare imi e greu cind ma gindesc ca altii nu au ce ar trebui sa aiba, dragoste, stima, mingiere etc...

      pupicei tie