Friday, December 21, 2012

Chinese tea time

     Dear Kayte,
thank you so much for "THE BEST CHINESE TEA", me and Sasha was enjoying a lot  with chinese tea this evening hehehe :) and this happend because of you our darling.
The tea which we have drunk is called "TIKUANYIN TEA". Now my friends you know the name of the best tea, don't waste time to treat yourself with a cup of chinese tea, but if you haven't one yet, just visit your closest chinese shop and you will find there a lot of good teas.
Nothing like a hot cup of chinese tea to quench your thirst :)

Have a wonderful Christmas time with chinese tea or without it!
Much Love,


  1. Hello liuba, i am answering the question u posted at stylishmuslimah blog. The name of the drama is Tahajjud Cinta. I think u can watch it at but i don't think it comes with any subtitle.

    And yes, chinese tea is wonderful :-)


    P/s great blog u have here.

    1. thank you very much for replying!
      When will have time I will watch this tv drama :)