Friday, May 16, 2014


In this post I want to write briefly about my second day in Thessaloniki, Greece. If you weren't able to see my previous post about first day in Thessaloniki, you can read it here. I also would like to say thank you for your visits and kind comments. Your comments/thoughts keep me motivated to share moments and be more often here with you :) 
On second day we had all day long to visit the city and all those "must to see" places. Thessaloniki, (also known as Salonika or Saloniki,) is Greece's second major city with marvellous places that should be visited and also people over there are friendly and their style of living is simple, unique and amazing.

Things to see/do in Thessaloniki:
1. White Tower
2. Rotonda
3. Arch of Galerius
4. Church of Agio Dimitrios
5. Beach Promenade
6. Aristotle Square
7. Old Town Ano Poli 
8. Ladadika
9. Egnatia
10. The Roman Forum
Church of Agio (Saint) Dimitrios - it is the most famous Temple of Thessaloniki as one of the most important Byzantine monuments.

Greek Flag
I really liked this Balcony Garden :)
The Greek Agora and Roman Forum - this place is wonderful. The oldest ruins in the city can be seen here.
Another pretty Church
Art of Thessaloniki
Arch of Galerius
Great place to relax and forget about busy life
Two cute faces :)
Rotunda of Galerius - Greek Orthodox Church of Agios (Saint) Georgios. This church is one of the oldest in the world and forms part of the Thessaloniki UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Oranges :) - they are not edible
History of Greek
Great view of Thessaloniki from Old Town Ano Poli
Liubacika :)
Enjoying the view :)
Three of us :)
Of course we hired bikes :)
Do you need an umbrella??? 
Cheers from Thessaloniki 
Dear Friend,
Be yourself, be where you want to be, 
enjoy your life and do good things to others.
Much love
Liuba G


  1. Imi plac cositele tale la nebunie!
    Ce impresie puternica creeaza acel ochi si cascada de!
    Vreau si eu cu bicicleta, cu tine! :D Vreau sa vad si portocalii incarcati de rod!
    Ce umbreluuute dragalase!

    Foarte frumoasa postare, Liuba!
    Pupici, cu drag!

    Lavender Thoughts

    1. Ilda, multumesc mult pentru cuvintele frumoase si pentru ca mereu vii cu comentarii unice, mereu dai atentie la detalii care poate nici eu nu am tras mare atentie :)
      mmm si eu vreau sa ma plimb cu tine cu bicicleta :D

      Te pupic cu drag

  2. So pretty! I always love reading and looking at your wonderful pictures and posts! Such a pleasure! It looks like you had a lot of fun, and like beautiful! <3

    1. wowwwww!!! I am wondering that we were writing comments to each others in the very same time :))
      You are a sweetie, thank you loveeeeeee for your love and that you like reading my posts!
      Much loveeeeeeeeeee

    2. Haha...I think we were! You are 1,000 times more than welcome!

  3. What a wonderful adventure the ruins are beautiful Lucy

  4. You have a wonderful collection of photos in your trip. I love the Art of Thessaloniki. It looks very beautiful. The place to relax is wonderful!

    1. Thank you for your nice comment and visit :)
      Have a good week ahead! :)

  5. As cutreiera locul de dimineata si pana seara si noaptea din nou in vis. Ador arhitectura, marea, branza feta si maslinele lor!
    Foarte frumoase pozele, e o placere sa calatoresc virtual cu tine.

    O saptamana frumoasa! pup

    1. Mihaela, multumesc pentru vizita si comentariile tale frumoase!!! Si mie mi-a placut mult branza "feta", maslinele, tavernele lor si totullll :)
      Te pup si sa ai o super saptamana!!!