Sunday, April 20, 2014

Our Brompton Bikes

Sasha and I got our Brompton bikes and they are indeed awesome. They purchased 4 days ago and riden everyday :) They have already done around 80 mile of fun.
Why we love Brompton?
1. It is Brompton, it is different;
2. It sets you free from the constraints imposed by modern life;
3. Every Brompton folds into a small package in 10 to 20 seconds;
4. You can take it with you on trains, planes and automobiles;
5. You can choose exactly the Bromton/colour/model you want;
6. They designed for it lots of accessories;
7. It is FAST&FUN;
and ...
How does it end??? 100 others...
All these photographs were taken Yesterday in Green Park

Left Side: Brompton H6L Desert Sand (Mine) and Right Side:Brompton M3L Sage Green (Sasha's)

- Outfit Details -
Necklace: Camden Market
Sweatshirt: Zara
Skirt: Oasis
Shoes: Clarcks

Photographer: Alex


  1. These bikes look so cool! I just called my boyfriend to show him them, he loves them aha... Looks like such a fun day x x x

    1. Mmm thank you for a such nice comment :)
      Haha about calling your boyfriend... It means a lot if he loves them :))
      Have a nice evening x x x

  2. Hristos A Înviat!
    Foarte frumos... Nu am mai auzit de Bromtons...:) Dar văd că este foarte frumos acolo, în parc... La noi ieri a plouat. Azi e mai frumos, doar e Învierea!:)
    Pupici, Liuba! Sărbători fericite!

    1. Multumesc copil drag ce esti! Da e frumos aici, dar azi a plouat toata ziua si maine la fel va ploua :( dar gasim ce sa facem xxx

  3. Какие чудесные байки! Такие милые))
    Фотографии очень красивые!

    1. Sposiba Svetka za priatnyi comentik :)
      Ty ishio v London??? C

  4. Beautiful bikes! My, they are so unique! We don't have anything like that in America...those are wonderful! I love your outfit as well! You look so gorgeous! =D

    1. Thank you hun :)
      They are amazing and it's so easy to ride it :) You could try online, maybe you also have Bromptons there. They are made in England and the quality is wowwwwww
      Much love xXx