Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend 28th February – 2nd March

Since my Birthday I didn't write or post here anything. First of all I want to apologize for me not keeping up on my blog. I've just been SO busy lately and have barely had time to do anything, but could say that had a brilliant weekend and don't want to think that tomorrow will be again Monday :))
I am truly appreciate every moment of the day, trying to be myself and love all things that God gives me. On last Friday (28th Feb) I met a wonderful Polish girl and other three guys, they filmed in our clinic a documentary film for the Lithuanian National Television after few hours of filming we went in a middle eastern restaurant in Soho, spent great time all together even though it was unplanned. On Saturday one of my friends surprised me with a super "Martisor" it made my day. At evening time we invited our Moldovian friends for a dinner, after dinner went around for some shoots. Below are attached photographs that will remind our this weekend for long.

Marta - such a sweetie :)
When you walk along the Thames path as I did with my Moldovian friends (Sashka, Cristina and Slavic) there is plenty of time to look around, to look at the architectural diversity on the other side of the Thames. I love this area and during the night there is a fantastic view. 
The Shard
Me and Cristina on Narrow Street
Got this lovely Martisor from my romanian friend Diana
Flowers from Crisitna and Slavic :)
 Presents from Cristina :)

What a lovely teddy :) Thanks my dear! x
Last portrait of the day :) Sasha was testing some other new methods of shooting... loved it and shared it 
My dear friend,
I would love to thank you for all your comments and visitings, also want to encourage you to be happy, positive and never stop treating people with your love, smile and help!
Have a wonderful week!
Much love,


  1. Sunteti frumosi! Sa te bucuri de martisor :)

  2. Ma bucur de martisor si multumesc de compliment x

  3. Scrie si in romaneste :)) :*

    1. Stii, am si in romana :)
      La aceasta postare to ma gandeam sa scriu romaneste si am fost lenoasa :)
      Data viitoare facem
      Multumesc de observatie x

  4. La Mulți Ani, în primul rând!
    Liuba, să știi că se vede că sunteți români: toți sunteți frumoși și veseli!
    Un weekend frumos să ai! Pupici!

    1. multumesc copil frumos si drag de felicitare si cuvinte scumpe care m-au bucurat.
      Esti un ingerash scump si frumos!
      Te pup cu drag persoana dulce
      La multi ani si tie cu ziua femeilor!!!