Thursday, October 4, 2012

Just A Boy by Richard McCann

Title: Just A Boy
Original title: Just A Boy
Author: Richard McCann
Number of pages: 287

I just finished reading this true story! 
The book is about a boy and his three sisters who's mother doesn't return home one night so this boy and his older sister - Sonia go out looking for her. Their mother became the first victim of the Yorkshire Ripper. 
Is a sad book, but everyone can read it and I am sure it will touch each heart. 

Just a boy is an extraordinaty and affecting book about love, tragedy and determination.

From book:
"Violence and poverty were the norm; women got beaten and men drank too much."
"I woke up this morning and my mother was gone. Then came the chorus, over and over again: "Where's your mama gone? Where's your mama gone? Far, far away..."
"I'd never really read books before and I was surprised how quickly I got into it, escaping from the thoughts and worries that were buzzing around my head."
"Kissing her was making me feel alive , the best feeling I'd had for weeks."

This is Richard McCann - the boy and the author of this book.

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